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A world innovative leader dedicated to cosmetic textile

Originated in 2002, Weizhuangyi keeps the enthusiasm for cosmetic textile. In 2014, Weizhuangyi enlarged its business scope to production from sole marketing.

Our core business: Cosmetic textile and Solution

Weizhuangyi researches, designs and manufactures innovative cosmetic textile for customers with the purpose of obtaining a holistic healthy life. The result is an unlimited source of active ingredients with proven efficacy to meet every need, which has led to the successful cosmetic textile products.


Weizhuangyi never pockets profits without sharing, which has already become a doctrine of the company in the process of development. Helping the consumers gain better life and the clients or partners double their profits, makes Weizhuangyi well-known and gives the reputation in the industry.


Our strength: A research devoted to innovation

  • Top priority given to production, since its inception, Weizhuangyi makes the decision to benefits its customers with the adoption of superior approaches whether in the cosmetic ingredients procurement or production equipment improving.
  • Understanding of key technologies such as microencapsulation, and macromolecule chemistry
  • The numerous patents granted
  • The market-need based research is driven by a relentless desire to design the most innovative and effective cosmetic textile that will lead the trend of future body care and skincare.